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Enzis are oversized combinable furniture elements made of coated EPS for outdoor use. Whether in public places, in gardens, or on terraces, Enzis are a real
 After 9 years you can’t even imagine the Viennese Museumsquartier – one of the largest cultural spaces in the world – without Enzis.
Enzi – a real multifunctional tool!
The special geometry and the low weight (from 20 to 80 kg depending on the size) allow for an endless range of formations. In no time you can build a bar or a stage.  And, using steel scaffolding, Enzis can be transformed into a comfortable interiror room in no time at all.

Today, you can find 4 different families of enzis:
the Classic Enzi
the Enzo
the Softenzi
and the Textile Enzi